Creators of Toronto | Greg Hetherington of Fuel Training Club

By Mauricio Poveda May 29, 2015

This week, Creators of Toronto is excited to feature Greg Hetherington of Fuel Training Club. Not only is Fuel Training Club one of the most tech-savvy gyms in Toronto, but it also is one of the most innovative. More than just a gym, Fuel Training Club involves a lifestyle change, where students are coached into leading the Fuel Life, which focuses on health and fitness, but also fun and enjoyment. Read on to hear how Greg is revolutionizing what it means to be healthy and fit. 

Creators of Toronto | Greg Hetherington of Fuel Training Club

What educational/career path took you to where you are today?
Kinesiology degree from McGill University and a career playing professional football in the CFL provided me with the knowledge and the experience. 

Tell us a bit about Fuel Training Club and your innovative technology use.
At Fuel we’re a paperless facility. This means that every piece of our systems is electronic. We use digital waivers, online booking and billing systems, ultra sound technology for body composition, self powered treadmills, google sheets forms for member “self checkout” of merchandise just to name a few. This allows us to minimize the administrative and environmental burden of paper. It also means that we don’t need to have a receptionist as most of our systems are automated. 

What made you decide to implement “Fuel Life”?
The short answer; Fuel isn’t a gym, it’s a lifestyle. The long answer; Fuel Life emerged from the growing trend of “extremes”. Nowadays, it’s perceived that if you don’t eat clean 100% of the time you don’t do sit-ups every day you can’t have a 6 pack. Fuel Life reinforces moderation and enjoyment as the key to health and fitness success. We take part in fitness parties together; one which we call Fuelbine, is a recreational fitness competition catered with meat balls and mac and cheese, followed by a night out. We perform fun weekend activities such as trampoline dodgeball, circus school and winery bike tours amongst others. It’s really about creating a balanced lifestyle around your health, fitness and social enjoyment, the Fuel Life way.

How do you see technology adding value to your business?
In the service business we obviously need to communicate in person with our members. Outside of that, people are busy and we need to be scalable. In order to accommodate both needs, automated processes for administration such as; registering for classes, bill payments and tracking progress to name a few are necessary. This makes the logistics simple and intuitive. The value added comes from the simplicity and time saved and allows us to put more energy towards great classes and experiences at Fuel. Technology needs to be able to do this otherwise it’s just a gimmick. 

Any advice for future students looking to make their mark in their respective industries?
If you’re passionate about something, it’s possible to achieve. It will never feel like work if you love doing what you do and, if you don’t pursue what you love doing, what are you doing with life?