What We’re Reading: May 22

By Mauricio Poveda May 22, 2015

What We're Reading: May 22

This Is What A Female Engineer Looks Like | QZ
With the goal of breaking down stereotypes surrounding women software engineers, this article features a group of female entrepreneurs who are more relatable. We love that not only does this article debunk the idea of software engineering as males-only industry, it also combats the highly unattainable archetypes of women software engineers that also permeate the media. A great read!

Billion-Dollar Startups Everywhere – But No Billion Dollar-Entrepreneurs (Yet) | Venture Beat
This article is a great follow-up to Heidi Roizen’s extremely popular post How to Build A Unicorn From Scratch – And Walk Away With Nothing. It all comes down to one question: is it better to one percent of a $1 billion dollar company or ten percent of a $100 million dollar company?

8 Great Landing Page Designs – And How to Get It Right | Creative Bloq
When it comes to landing pages, there is an exact science on how to get it right. This article is great at breaking down the science into simple parts, and providing examples so the reader can better understand how this science is put into practice. 

10 Of The Best UX Infographics | Usabilla
While they can’t teach you everything you’ll need to know, these infographics are a great point of reference for aspiring UX Designers. They cover everything from the UX Design Lifecycle to the UX Usability Spectrum.

Shopify Raises $131-Million, Pricing IPO Above Increased Range | Globe & Mail
Shopify’s IPO was incredibly successful, selling 7.7 million shares at $17 each, which was well above their initial price of $12 – $14 per share. While the company does face some risks, a roster of 165,000 companies leads us to believe they’ll be just fine. 

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