What We’re Reading | May 14

By Mauricio Poveda May 14, 2015

What We're Reading: May 22

Don’t Prioritize Efficiency Over Expectations | Nielsen Norman Group
This is a great read for all aspiring UX Designers. It explains the way user’s expectations can make more efficient designs more difficult to use. It’s really interesting to think that the less efficient but more familiar UX is easier for most users.

Apple Explores How Touch ID Input Could Be Used For UI Navigation | TechCrunch
As a mostly iPhone-using office, this article definitely peaked our interest. Being able to scroll through pages, navigate applications and lock our phones all through minuscule movements of our fingertips is a pretty cool idea. 

Five Tech Skills That Will Help You In Your Career (No Matter What You Do) | Forbes
As new technology develops, every job continually evolves and changes along with it. This list from Forbes provides a pretty great roadmap for the skills we all need to work on to provide the most value we can in our roles. 

The Human Charger May Stop Jet Lag In Its Tracks | psfk
The Human Charger is what everyone who suffers from jet lag has been waiting for. The light emitting device has proven to reduct the symptoms of jet lag including fatigue and forgetfulness. Count us in!

Domino’s Will Now Let You Order Pizza Through Twitter Via Emoji | Mashable 
Pizza is now dangerously simple to order thanks to Domino’s new social scheme. Pretty ingenious if you ask us!

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