Student Spotlight: John Griffiths | Intro to iOS Development

By Mauricio Poveda April 13, 2015

John Griffiths

Meet John Griffiths, an Intro to iOS Development student with a passion for learning and curiosity that has the whole class inspired. Here is his story.

1. What educational/career path took you to where you are today?
It was part luck part passion. At an early age I developed a keen interest in computing and from then on my passion took over. I went from writing software for a shipping firm to building websites for startups to now building apps on iOS and I’ve loved every minute of it; well other than when the tests fail.

2. Why did you choose to take Intro to iOS Development?
I always wanted to get into iOS development but wasn’t keen on the high entry factor with Objective-C. However when Swift was announced I knew it was going to be more approachable. So seeing the trend for mobile increasing I knew I had to invest the time to get up to speed so hunted for the best course and haven’t been disappointed. Our teachers have been excellent and I’m very happy with how it’s going.

3. Tell us a bit about your class project – what inspired it, and what tools did you use to help you?
Currently we’re building a Weather app, the reason being is that it allows us to focus on all aspects of a typical apps development. Making network calls, responding to failure and loading any third-party libraries when needed. It’s perfect as our teacher is throwing real-life problems into the mix which make it excellent for learning.

4. Now that you’re in week 9, what have you enjoyed most so far in the course?
Initially I wondered how much we’d learn in the course but so far I’ve been nothing but impressed, the level of material we are learning is priceless and easily outweighs the cost of the course.

5. How do you see yourself taking the skills you learned in class to your personal/professional life?
I’ve got a couple of ideas jotted down, my girlfriend’s been taking the UX course at Brainstation and she’s been putting together something so I reckon I’ll be building that first. Looking forward to publishing my first premium app.

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