Student Spotlight | Jessica Bianchi | UX Design

By Mauricio Poveda May 6, 2015

Student Spotlight | Jessica Bianchi | UX DesignThis week we’re putting the spotlight on one of our UX Design graduates, Jessica. Jessica embraced our “you get out what you put in” philosophy throughout the entire duration of the course and was able to make the most of her BrainStation education.


What educational/career path took you to where you are today?

I graduated with a B.A. in Professional Writing after which I pursued a post-graduate
certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. After working in PR for
several years, I made the switch to social media just over a year ago. I’m also a
freelance writer on the side.

Why did you choose to take UX Design?

I decided to take UX Design because I started hearing more about this ever-important
term ‘customer experience’ within my company and beyond. I feel marketing and
technology will continue to blend as the internet offers up a cornucopia of data. It has
become less about what we spit out as marketers and more about anticipating the needs
of the consumer. As I grow in my career, I think it’s important to be able to look at any
given project through many different lenses. Continued education is a big part of that.

Tell us a bit about your class project – what inspired it, and what tools did you use to help you?

My class project is a wedding planner bidding app. Engaged couples can create postings
for various jobs (florist, photographer, invites, etc.) based on their budget, inspiration,
date and location. Vendors will receive a notification of the job posting and they can
choose to bid on that job based on the price set by the couple. I actually had this idea in
my head a few years ago when I had my own wedding blog. This class project seemed
like the perfect opportunity to think it out in more detail.

Now that you’ve finished week 12, what did you enjoy most about the course?

I have been in the working environment for about five years now so it’s really refreshing
to be back in a classroom. I enjoyed the blend of creativity and technical skills offer by
UX Design. The class format forced me out of my comfort zone. We tend to fall into a
routine at work and this course helped to breathe new life into my job. And of course, I
met some really great people along the way.

How do you see yourself taking the skills you learned in class to your
personal/professional life?

I have already seen my understanding of UX Design trickle into my professional life. The
newly-formed CX team at my office often asks me to participate in usability testing. I also
keep in mind the user-center design process when brainstorming content to share
through our social channels. It really helps to think of the end user and what they might
be interested in seeing in our social feeds.

Beyond my every day, I can see the insight I’ve gained in this course giving a more
holistic understanding of the campaigns I work on daily while allowing me to work more
collaboratively with other parts of the business.

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