BrainStation’s Favourite Apps

By Mauricio Poveda April 22, 2015

We got the BrainStation team to share the apps that they can’t live without. Check out what made the cut.

Asana: Team Tasks & Conversations
BrainStation takes full use of Asana, both for web and mobile, as our go-to project management tool. All of our tasks and projects are assigned through Asana, and the mobile app helps us keep track while we’re on the go.

“It allows us to make and share our to-do lists, keeping everyone in the loop while ensuring tasks get done. If one of us gets a killer idea, we can immediately add it to Asana and assign roles to help make it happen.” – Saadia

Nike+ Running
BrainStation co-founder Jason likes to balance out team nachos with Nike+ Running. Perfect for tracking runs, or motivating you to get moving on lazier days, this app is an office favourite. It’s ability to synch with the Apple Health app is an added bonus.

“There’s something very satisfying about tracking your progress and watching yourself improve as a runner, especially when that info is made so accessible. The app is perfect for that.” – Jason

Duncan is a big fan of Pocket. He uses the app to store cool articles, videos, etc. that he finds throughout the day. Then, when he has a couple of hours of free time, he can go back and read them all.

“Despite being busy, it’s important to always be learning new things. The app allows me to collect info that I’d normally show initial interest in but then forget about.” – Duncan

Obsessed with all things sports, Marc’s favourite app is undoubtedly theScore’s mobile app. While most sports fans are already obsessed with the score’s real-time updates, it is definitely one to download if you haven’t already.

“i’ll admit it has become quite the obsession, but it’s a great resource for sports updates during those nights when I can’t catch the game.” – Marc

Yahoo! Aviate Launcher
Nicole can’t get enough of this launcher. She downloaded Yahoo! Aviate and found it made a huge difference in organizing her new phone. All of her most recent contacts and apps are a swipe away – a big improvement to the launcher that came on her phone.

“Having just gotten a new phone, the app helped me set it up in a way that would ensure things are consistent and easily accessible.” – Nicole

When things get busy, Hootsuite is there to ensure that all of our content on social media is posted according to schedule. For our marketing and social media expert, Trilby, Hootsuite can be an extremely useful tool.

“Hootsuite allows me to ensure we’re offering consistent content across all of our social media channels. The scheduling tool is especially key for making sure I’ve got content covered for weekends (although I still can’t help but obsessively check notifications!) – Trilby 

Nicola, our marketing intern, uses Trello to keep track of her various to-do lists. The cloud-based organizational app lets you plan and organize everything from grocery lists, to health and fitness goals. The best part: you can co-create your whiteboards with anyone you invite to share them with.

“I love making to-do lists, but they always seem to get lost around my apartment. This allows me to curate every aspect of my life in a single platform – and it’s really easy to use.” – Nicola

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