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By Mauricio Poveda April 2, 2015

Jason Cassidy

At BrainStation, there are no exams or grades. So, you may ask, what does student success look like? We like to feature students who are driven to succeed, and above all else add great energy and helpfulness to the class. This month, we’re putting the spotlight on Jason Cassidy, one of our awesome students from our winter Intro to Web Development course!

1. What educational/career path took you to where you are today?

I completed a BA with a double major in journalism and political science at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick. I then went on to do a Master’s of Professional Communication at Ryerson University where my thesis focused on the value of creating strategic content online to educate, inform and generate leads for organizations.

2. Why did you choose to take Intro to Web Development?

I took the Intro to Web Development course at BrainStation because I wanted to broaden my digital marketing skill-set and eventually be able to either offer programming services or manage a team of programmers. I oversee a small digital content team so I spend my days navigating between social media, email and search marketing. Having a basic understand of the web and how sites are built seemed like an obvious way to broaden my skill set as a digital marketer.

3. Tell us a bit about your class project – what inspired it, and what tools did you use to help you?

I have been working on a new website for my brother’s gym, CrossFit Oshawa. I helped facilitate the creation of his current site several years ago, but the space has evolved so much that it’s far too clunky and complex for today’s consumer. I wanted it to be one story on an extended page, separated into sections (or chapters) that each tell a story about what makes CrossFit Oshawa so special. It needed to be responsive, include a blog and end with a strong call-to-action to email or visit the gym for a free workout. Treehouse was a huge help, but I am most proud of how I was able to Google my way through a tutorial on jQuery which made the top navigation ‘jump’ up and down to different sections of the story.

4. What have you enjoyed most about the course?

I’ve really enjoyed being back in a learning environment, particularly with a topic that’s so foreign to me. I’m always excited to showcase what I’ve learned outside the class to our instructors each week, but I’m also humbled when they begin teaching something new and I realized how much more there is to learn. I had no idea that there were so many unique languages beyond HTML and CSS. Now into JavaScript and Twitter Bootstrap, you can see why programming will be part of most early education curriculums in a few years.

5. How do you see yourself taking the skills you learned in class to your personal/professional life?

Firstly, I think it makes me more valuable as an employee. I work for brands that spend a lot of money hiring programmers, so I’d like to position myself as that point of contact between the brands and our partners. Brands of all sizes really need someone to ensure they’re making their development dollars work harder, and we’re getting quality programming in exchange.

Secondly, I’ve always had an interest in opening my own marketing shop, so this gives me greater confidence that one day I could be offering programming as a service to clients.

And lastly, I feel more prepared to manage a team of programmers. I have a greater appreciation for what they do, and feel more prepared to speak on a level that resonates with them.

Be sure to check out Jason’s slick website, created in just 9 weeks of our Intro to Web Development course!

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Student Spotlight |Intro to Web Development

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