Creator’s Corner: Jessica Bianchi | UX Design | Week 5

By Mauricio Poveda March 20, 2015

Creator's Corner: Jessica Bianchi | UX Design | Week One

This week I overcame one of my anxieties – presenting to the class. In previous weeks, the group rather casually shared what they had worked on the week before. Last class, we channeled our inner child and explored user journeys using markers. I was asked to share what I had translated over the week into a slide. Despite everything I imagined could go wrong, the class was receptive and Hira even offered alternate ways of looking at my final project.

After that, we had the opportunity for more ‘hands on’ learning with a card sorting activity. In groups of two, we were given the task of categorizing a stack of cue cards with items on them. My partner Emily and I were asked to sort the typical items you’d find in a toy store – dolls, skates, playhouse, Xbox etc. We were also asked to name the categories. Once complete, we learned another group in the class had received the same cards. It was interesting to see how the other group categorized certain items differently. This was a lesson in information architecture.

Hira then gave us a preliminary look at wire framing. We were asked to take the categories we had just sorted and create the structure of the homepage. At first, Emily and I thought it would be creative to have the homepage simulate a child’s playroom. However, Hira made us re-think the idea when she asked us to consider that the user would be an adult – likely with little time to spend browsing the site. It was my first ah-ha moment and I’m sure one of many to come!