Creator’s Corner: Jessica Bianchi | UX Design | Week 3

By Mauricio Poveda February 26, 2015

Creator's Corner: Jessica Bianchi | UX Design | Week 3

Week three was all about my forte – content! But before we got to that, we had the opportunity to see what the class came up with in terms of their User Personas. I always enjoy seeing how other students approach their assignments because it encourages me to think in a different way as I look at my own project weekly.

We then talked about content strategy. I found this interesting as we touched on planning, developing and managing the content pertaining to our final projects and how it would help us achieve business goals. We were asked to (of course!) consider the user when we imagine the tone and even the technology our audience would use. What type of content did we plan to work with, how will people consume it & how will we measure success?

The most interesting point for me was the idea of content optimization. This means making the users’ experience so smooth and enjoyable that conversion rates benefit. It helped me to consider the content I work with on a daily basis in another way. At work the next day, I found myself digging up our User Personas and brainstorming content that would be relevant and interesting to them!

After looking at a few case studies, I felt confident that I could create a great strategy for my own project.