Top 3 Reasons Why Women Should Code

By Mauricio Poveda February 17, 2015

Top 3 Reasons Why Women Should Code

1) Women need to break through gender stereotypes.

It is evident that in the tech world the population is predominantly male. This could be due to a lack of female role models in the tech industry or the fact that computer programming is often not seen as a career option for women. However, recently more women in tech have become public figures. Women like Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, are making careers in tech for women a viable option. Unfortunately, there still aren’t enough of these women to break down the stereotype for a coder; male and nerdy (at least that is what comes to my mind). Whatever the case may be, women need to take that leap. The tech industry is rapidly growing into every other industry and job opportunities are endless. Why not try something that men are claiming and stand out from the crowd? Be original and do something that not many other women are.

2) Coding is fun, creative and easier than you think.

Coding doesn’t just involve plugging numbers into a computer all day. Coding involves a lot factors one of which is creativity. Building a website from scratch involves design features that let you tap into your artistic side. Problem solving is also a major aspect of coding; you are always being forced to tweak your code to develop the end product that you intended. But most of all coding is incredibly rewarding and fun. Being able to build something from scratch and see it through to completion is very fulfilling and satisfying, something that everyone should feel at his or her job.

3) Most coding schools will offer scholarships to women; or businesses will pay for it.

More and more companies are offering to assist women in coding and tech education. Recently Google announced a new initiative in which they will pay for three months of continuing education for women and minorities in tech. They are partnering with Code School to provide free accounts. BrainStation also offers scholarships to women in an attempt to attract more women into the industry (and it’s working, in the current cohort for Intro to Web Development, 64% are women!). It has never been easier to learn to code than right now!