Student Spotlight : Marnie McCall | Intro to Web Development

By Mauricio Poveda February 17, 2015

Student Spotlight : Marnie McCall | Intro to Web Development

Name: Marnie McCall

Age: 26

Occupation: Full-time Job Seeker

Skill Level: Beginner

Why Learn to Code?

I’m still very unsure of what I want to do as a career and I think coding will give me leverage in any career path I choose. Coding teaches you a different way of thinking and that can only benefit you. Technology is becoming more apparent in everything we do, it is ubiquitous and being able to speak its language is essential.

Why BrainStation?

The biggest appeal for me was the small class sizes. The student to teacher ratio allows for everyone to have the attention they need. When learning a new skill you will always have questions and the educators at BrainStation are eager to answer them making classes seamless.  As well, evening classes allow someone with a full time job to attend while not affecting their day-to-day schedule.