Our Top 6 Reasons to Learn to Code

By Mauricio Poveda February 17, 2015

Our Top 6 Reasons to Learn to Code

1. Software is eating the world

The majority of the industries around the world are being dominated by technology. From books and music to video and telecom, technology companies are on the top.

Digital literacy is quickly becoming as fundamental as reading and writing.

2. Creative power to influence and impact the world

The internet connects you with the entire world, no physical restraints. By the end of 2013, more than 2.7 billion or about 40% of the world will be online. You can create the next tumblr or Facebook…have you checked out Twitter’s IPO? Pinterest is now worth $3.8 Billion while Snapchat was just offered a $3 Billion plus offer from Facebook.

3. Coders are in high demand

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce estimates more than 500,000 postsecondary graduates will be working in low-skilled jobs by 2016, while 1.5 million skilled jobs will go unfilled. The number of coding jobs are set to grow by 30% by 2020, twice the rate of general job growth.

4. Make big money

More than 80% of the top global brands are technology driven. Demand for individuals who can communicate with computers will increase exponentially. Computer science is already the highest paid college degree.

5. Free yourself

Coding skills are universal, you can create from anywhere and work on anything you like, it’s the new age art. Love travelling? The biggest tech hubs are in the coolest cities (New York, San Fran, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago).

6. The best culture

The technology community is driven by open source of knowledge and sharing. Be yourself and have fun in an unpretentious and supportive environment, no suit necessary!

Coding…so hot right now