Creator’s Corner: Danielle Thé | Intro to Web Development | Week two

By Mauricio Poveda February 17, 2015

Creator’s Corner: Danielle Thé | Intro to Web Development | Week two

So I made it through week two in the User Experience Design course. This week, we got a bit of a taste of how class will flow as we move forward. Our instructors, Michael and Hira, shared some examples of good and bad UX to discuss as a group. I find this really helps get into that UX headspace and teaches you to open your eyes to the different working elements of a website or app.

The class then went around and discussed their final projects. We each shared the market research that had been completed the previous week. It was fascinating to hear each person’s idea and how differently we each approached the market research process.

The instructors then talked about how some the stickiest ideas solve very important pain points. We discussed how to define key performance indicators and the importance of keeping the user in mind throughout the product life cycle. We were asked to break up into smaller groups to discuss how each of these things applied to our final project idea. Michael pointed out (and I completely agree) that applying the new concepts we learn to our final projects really helps ensure full understanding. I found it really helpful to collaborate in a smaller group to mull over the details of my final project with fresh eyes.

To end the class we talked about User Personas. This really piqued my interest as it requires an in-depth explanation of who I believe would be the primary user(s) of my final product. I actually can’t remember the last time I was excited to tackle my homework. On to week 3!