6 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog (NOW!)

By Mauricio Poveda February 17, 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog (NOW!)

 1. You become a better writer. 

Some people are naturally extraordinary writers, but for the rest of us, becoming a better writer takes practice. Lots of it. Trust me, I was an English major for two years before transferring into a business program and since then, my writing has tanked. When you know that you are writing for an audience, there’s some pressure to produce ‘worthy’ content. Each post is like a mini-project, and you can learn something new every time you post.

2. You can control your internet presence.

If you’re like me, you grew up in the world of social media. You know employers are going to Google you before hiring you, and do they really need to know that you joined ‘weHeartit’ five years ago (speaking from true experience)? By creating your own blog, you can control your internet presence in terms of creating content that potential employers may want to read. It gives you an open platform to express your thoughts and opinions, through words, photography, videos, and so forth. It’s a very liberating experience. I highly suggest it.

3. You might be able to make some money.

If you build up a decent audience and put out decent content that your audience engages with frequently, you may be able to make some money out of running a blog. However, this should not be the reason you create a blog. It’s just an added bonus.

4. It serves as a personal journal.

People don’t write in diaries anymore. They just don’t. Blogging is great because you can section your blog into different categories, so it’s not just a personal journal. You can write about food, books, sports, and then include your own personal thoughts in a tab. There you go! Easy.

5. It’s easy and free.

You can choose from a number of platforms, including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot, and so forth. Just commit to one and watch a couple tutorial videos, and you’re good to go! While you may be able to make some cash, starting your own blog doesn’t require you to give up any cash of your own. And even if you did, it’s super cheap, with domains starting at $5 (or you could use the money to buy an ice cream – no judgments).

6. You can be anonymous.

Maybe you want to give people advice or act as an alter-ego. Whatever your passion, you can do it under your own personal name or choose a pseudonym. My personal favourite is Dear Coquette.