15 Step Digital Marketing Plan by Nicole Parmar, BrainStation Lead Educator

By Ben Blair July 22, 2015

Nicole Parmar hosted a great Digital Marketing workshop in Vancouver on Monday, and wanted to share some of her key insights! Check them out here.

15 Step Digital Marketing Plan

1. Build Your Plan: MAP IT OUT! What are your objectives?

2. Build Your Sales Funnel: Brand > Create > Content > Build = LOYAL CUSTOMERS

3. Target Intenders: MAKE engagement painfully easy and obvious.

4. Focus on Search Terms: SEO – what are your competitors paying?

5. Competitive Audit: FOCUS on your top 5 competitors (Bonus Tool = SpyFu)

6. Topics of Interest: In-market audience vs. Affinity interests: How intenders interact with content inside and outside of your brand.

7. Interest Velocity: Increases in interest are IMPORTANT to observe and take advantage of, as are decreases!

8. Devices: MOBILE! MOBILE! MOBILE! Focus on mobile!

9. Gaps In Coverage: Make sure you aren’t missing any PERSONA’s.

10. Editorial Calendar: STOP spamming your customers! Build content contribution.

11. Prove out Assumptions: TEST everything! A/B testing is important!

12. KPI’s, COA, ROI’s & Unit Economics: NO VANITY METRICS! Focus on your sales cycle, measure everything, and break everything you do down to a unit economic.

13. Re-engage Your Audience: DON’T forget this step! Most people do!

14. Loyalty & Referrals: Find out your NPS.

15. Discoveries & Redo’s: STOP what’s not working and START new campaigns!

What’s in Nicole’s TOOLBOX:

Mention: A media monitoring app for brands to obtain filtered, organized, and prioritized info from the web and social networks

Socedo: Helps you leverage social media to discover and qualify leads through automated engagement 

Personapp: Allows you to create and share quick, lightweight personas using a simple lean framework

Canva: Create beautiful designs and documents

Openr: Turn everything you share into action

Interested in learning more about Digital Marketing? Check out more on the course here.